We can provide you with comprehensive roof surveys with recommendations, complete with photographic reports to establish the condition of the roof and to ensure effective roof maintenance programs are established.

As an independent roofing company with an extensive product supply chain we can offer impartial advice on different roofing systems available and recommend those that are the most suitable for your requirements.

Whether you require a leak investigation survey or a maintenance report, we can provide you with detailed information to overcome existing or potential issues.


Our site engineers can provide you with non – destructive electronic leak detection testing for most single ply membranes. There are two main methods for non- destructive electronic leak detection these are generally referred to as a wet test or a dry test, the wet test method which as it suggests can be carried out in wet conditions or by simply applying water to the roof area and is suitable for all flat roofs.

The dry test method which is quicker and easier to establish results relies simply on the electrode brush to be passed over the leak point which will cause a spark between the exposed water source and electrode, unfortunately due to the carbon in EPDM membranes which conducts electricity these tests cannot be used for this type of membrane.

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